Border Fence Farmers

A Scene from Citizens*: Fence Line Farmers

This scene is from Yuma Arizona. I shot this while I was there with an anonymous tour guide (whom I will refer to as “Mr. B”) shooting sections of the border fence. Mr. B, having lived in Yuma for many years, knew the area very well and took me all over showing and explaining to me what different types of fencing were used, how they worked, and where they lined up on the border. Interesting note, the fence isn’t actually ON the border the majority of the time. It varies from right on the border to about a quarter mile off the border. Another interesting fact is that the fence actually has “holes” or openings in it, wide enough to drive a vehicle through. However, these areas are very heavily patrolled and monitored.

What I liked about this shot was that it showed how close people live and work with the border fence in the Yuma area. In this particular scene, farmers brought their crops right up to the very edge of the fence. To me, it illustrates how adaptable we are. When something crops up that changes the way we normally work or operate, we simply adjust.

– Jacob A Tapia, Director / Cinematographer

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