Star Trek Illustrating the Ultimate Bias

What It Means To Be Unbiased

Whenever I think of bias and prejudice, I always think of that classic Star Trek episode, “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”. If you haven’t seen it before, it’s about these two alien races that hated each other because each one had the colors black and white on the opposite side of their faces. That episode demonstrated how illogical racial prejudice and bias is in such a succinct and simple way. Even as a little boy I remember watching it and thinking, “but they almost look identical!” (even Kirk and Spock had trouble seeing the difference).

Bias: prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair.

When we set out to produce the film Citizens* it was our goal from the very beginning to remain unbiased when it came to presenting the facts about illegal immigration. Citizens* is completely unbiased when it comes to politics, nationality, and race. It is not our goal to try and prove that one political party or policy is better than another, instead we show the benefits and failings of all policies discussed. We are not focused on only telling the American view of illegal immigration since the very act of immigration involves multiple nationalities. And we are not biased when it comes to race, culture, or language.

Citizens* is biased, however, in one area – humanity. We definitely have a favorable view, or bias, of humanity and feel that all human life is important. We believe that the biggest strengths of humanity are the ability to show love, compassion, and cooperation. Citizens* focuses on how we can be more cooperative and compassionate in realizing that the individuals in the immigration debate are people, not just numbers or statistics or “illegals”. The only bias of Citizens* is the people and how current border policies affect their lives–from the undocumented migrant to the law enforcement agents.

- Jacob A Tapia, Director

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