Star Trek Illustrating the Ultimate Bias

What It Means To Be Unbiased

Whenever I think of bias and prejudice, I always think of that classic Star Trek episode, “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”. If you haven’t seen it before, it’s about these two alien races that hated each other because each one had the colors black and white on the opposite side of their faces. That episode […]Read Full Post

Chalk Board

Why 1 Plus 1 Doesn’t Always Equal 2

I have a friend named Randy who was a theoretical mathematician. Randy did the kind of math that made your eyes cross and your brain cramp! One day I was talking to him about his work and he attempted to explain to me how math works by stating, “1 plus 1 doesn’t always equal 2″. […]Read Full Post

Still frame from the film Citizens - border family.

A Scene From Citizens*: The Border Family

One of my favorite scenes while filming Citizens* was when I was shooting in Imperial Beach, CA at the Border Field State Park. The park is old ranch land, scrub brush, and sand and borders the Pacific Ocean and Tijuana, Mexico. I was invited to join a group of students who participate in discussions about […]Read Full Post